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le Voyage

Brief from client 

business is offering travel related goods and services
client requires:
Word-mark logo
Modern & Very classy
Exclusive and luxurious
In black and white.

Did i get the write spacing between the words?

Does the size and curves in the (le) suit the rest of the logo, it should give a feminine classy touch to the logo.


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Hey there. As far as logotypes go – this is great I like it. My opinion is that you could tighten up the space between the Y and A a little bit. Apart from that the 'le VOYAGE' bit is great. What I'm not feeling is the 'travel boutique' bit. Two main reasons for this; letter-spacing lowercase letters makes me twitch. That's probably my personal opinion though! Secondly – the kerning is all over the place in this bit. Focus on the pairs 'a v' and 'q u' and you should see it. Also I'd question whether it needs the 'travel boutique' bit at all. To me it works wonderfully without it, and for me you certainly don't need the grey line between them. Hope this helps!

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Thank you! That was very helpful actually!

I agree with you that the lower bit (travel boutique) looks awkward, and i tried multiple styles but it didn't seem to go nicely with the top bit.
but the client wants to have it as this is a new venture and this makes it easier for people to understand the business.

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This is off to a pretty good start.

My main concern is that there are 3 different fonts, which is one too many. The subtext doesn't look as good and sophisticated at the other. I use the same font as "le".

Keep it up!

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