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Let'z SPIN

Brief from client 

Fun and energizing, for use as a 1 or 2 color (their colors are the blue and purple here, and a green)

they work with kids aged 3 - 12
Im not as good with the fun/ kids logo types so I could some input here

Im not sure why but I am not happy with the word ( LETZ ) its driving me a little crazy so some advice would be helpful

so I changed it a little, I think it looks better then it did at least


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LETZ is driving you crazy because it is competing with the stylized type of SPIN and the tornado. In short, you have too much going on. You really need to simplify. Is LETZ a family name by any chance, or did the client just want to get cute with a Z instead of an S?

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Family name, and the spin portion by itself was my original design but she said letz needed to be there but she liked the spin part. So I'm having a hard time incorporating it but still keeping it fun, clean, energized and child oriented.

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This was version 1 just as a reminder

Version history

  • Version 1

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