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Lighting Brand Update

Brief from client 

Update the existing branding to allow for company expansion into new product lines.

A simple & recognisable graphic with text. Both elements to be used independently in places, the text must fit with alternative graphics when talking about different product ranges,all using the same flat design aesthetics and colour scheme


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This is the current company logo, for reference.

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and an example of a "product logo" to be used when talking about a specific product rather than the company as a whole.

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I like this version (the others, not so much).

I would remove the line under the wordmark. It doesn't serve any purpose. Removing it wouldn't change a thing to your logo.

I really like the symbol. It's very simple yet memorable.

Keep it up!

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Thanks for the feedback! I might separate the line so that it can appear only if the logo isn't used, to keep the colour alongside the text, but not when the logo appears.

Version history

  • Version 1

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    • C 100%
  • Version 2

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