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little bee

Brief from client 

This is a company which provide the spraying service for agricultural purpose by drone, Including pesticides and fertilizers.

I combined the propeller, wireless signal and spraying action in the wings.


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I think the symbol is fine, the three colors on the ((())) get lost though. The type on littlebee, while cute, doesn't work at all. The last four letters all look like e's. The sub type is way too small and either it is misspelled or someone with broken English tried to translate it. If I were going to write it, it would be Agricultural Drone Spraying Service. But it is still too small.

This needs a lot of work.

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I like the combination of yellow and black, but the text below is poorly written. If you want to express the concept of the company in this way, I advise you to play with the size of the main text and the test under it ... Together, it somehow merges.

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