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Brief from client 

Logo for hopitality sass software that attempts to make it easier for guests to show graitude with tips or feedback

Idea was to not make the logo very literal

The current logo is a G in a circle with added gradient for some flair

Unsure if the colors will work with each other.

One other the thing the client noticed is its similar to yin and yang which is a total conincidence however adds to the appeal as the idea of teh service is to encourage fairness.



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I like the colors and the gradient used in the icon. I don't see a G in a circle at all. More so as you had mentioned sort of a broken Yin-Yang symbol.

The font is nice. Looks like Futura Med, Century Goth, or another rip off of the first. But I like the font, you need to do some Typographical work and kern each letter so the spacing is Optically perfect, not by points or picas.

The icon needs work and you need to make a decision. I would say even if you were going for the yin yang thing (which you were not) that the average person is in no way going to equate that to hospitality.

The Icon an the Type are also out of line. In this type of logo for visual flow the word should be mid-centered to the icon. Here it is sort of floating in the upper left corner of the rectangle you have created for our eyes.

Re-work a bit and really nail the logo - Gave you the thumbs up on color due to Icon, yet I would - and this is me - take the blue from the right end of the icon and change the font to that color.

Good start.

Edit: to me the logo says more like an interconnection between two, which maybe is something you want to stay with or explore further.

Also I just re-read this is for software. Definitely change "GRATI" to blue or even push the gradient into the G and then darken it

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I like the logo. I don't really see the G, but I do see the yin-yang similarity. It's aesthetically pleasing, and the client seems to like it. I'm not a fan of the font. A symmetrical logo might do better with a font that has more consistent lettering. The "R" looks especially out-of-place when it's so condensed compared to the "G".

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