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Logo for a footwear company

Brief from client 

i need new logo idea for our slippers brand:
emphasis on this points please
1. comfort
2. luxury
i attached our old logo, we need it in english also in Hebrew.
after getting first sketch that you will be ask to make it in Hebrew letter that we will provide you.

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well.

Let me begin by saying that I'm an infant logo can even say just born baby. The current pandemic gave me an opportunity to learn a new skill and I started out by reading about Graphic Design and scouring the internet for stuff that would help me learn. Then I watched some top rated YouTube channels and slowly started out sketching based on project briefs that I found on the internet and illustrating them on Adobe Illustrator. I'm still finding my footing, but I read on all the forums that it is better to get opinions from experts to learn more. So, I am putting myself in your hands. Kindly give your honest feedback about the logo. I'm here to learn.

Now the idea behind the logo. According to the brief the client wanted to depict comfort and luxury, so I used a cloud and heart outline to place a feet inside them to show comfort and then used the gold and black colors for depicting luxury.
I think I've babbled enough...Kindly give your feedback.


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Another variation for the same logo brief...I used typeface to create a heeled shoe

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