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Logo for motorcycle workshop

Brief from client 




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12 pencils

I would get rid of the shaded 3d background & develop a more symmetrical type lockup to go with the bike. The Moto's script could maybe connect to the drawing as some exhaust fumes?

Would also be good to present your designs on a solid background.

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You created an ad, not a logo. :D Here's a trick, zoom way out so that it's about the size of your thumbnail, and squint your eyes. How does it look? Can you still tell what it is? Too many dark colors and gradients make it all run together. Less is more. The hexagon and bike are cool, but the phone# shouldn't be in the logo but separate. Experiment and see what you can so with it. When I squint my eyes all I see is a black square, so it needs more contrast. Look around at some other logos 9in the vector library to see what I mean. :)

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