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Logo for speaker company

Brief from client 

This logo is for me and my friends future speaker company, and the thought behind it was sleek and simple, yet playful. Also wanted to include a speaker reference.

Me and a friend are currently working on starting a speaker buisiness, and this is my take on what the logo could look like. Looking for some some thoughts and tips!


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There is absolutely no reason to have the yellow drop shadow. It just confuses the whole thing. I would think twice about the stylized O two times. Once is sufficient. That being said, I think you still need to work on this and see what other kinds of ideas you can come up with.

JNF Design's picture
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I don't like how the "O" has a slash through it. It makes it look like the speaker is on mute which I think is the opposite of what you want your product to do.

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I don't get the idea behind the Ø within the speaker. It feels like the speaker doesn't work. The name itself with 'NO' in it makes this feeling even stronger.

I like the fresh look of the yellow 'shadow', but it just doesn't work. As it is it makes the thing complex and had to read.

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