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Brief from client 


Logo JS DESIGNER GRAPHIC, designed to promote graphic work. The real sense of the junction between the J and the S, has as initial proposal, the union between DESIGNER and its client.


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Please, present your logo in English, so everybody can understand and be part of the conversation.


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I believe that I did not know how to divulge the logo well, when I speak of the junction between the J and the S, it refers to the union of my name, but also in the union between DESIGNER and the CLIENT, union at work.

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From your decription, is it a graphic design company? The J and S represents union between the designer and it's client?

I'm a bit confused about the idea. Aside that, the logo looks professional and clean.

Juliana da Conceição Sabino's picture

I apologize for the description, the real meaning of the junction between J and S, is my name, could not express myself well, when I talk about the union between the designer and the client, is for the two to go together in a job, the junction of the letters refers to this as well.

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I feel like the S looks forced- if you could keep working on that to make it connect more gracefully it could work- it is especially odd at the bottom. But also, the monogram does not match the feel of the tagline font. There may be a font that compliments better.

Juliana da Conceição Sabino's picture

Good Night, following the guidelines and constructive criticisms, elevated to the logo, completely re-started the logo, changing the source, but leaving, with the same sense of the other, a simple logo, but that attracts attention, for its simplicity, always looking for the innovating of things, always seeking to innovate in this wonderful world of GRAPHIC DESIGNER. I am and I will be open for further criticism. Thank you in advance.

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