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Logo of a Thai Restaurant

Brief from client 

I made a logo for a thai restaurant, which will be canada based. The client wants to put some elemets to make it more "thai-ish" like putting some spices, noodles, etc.

I want to make it simple yet classy to look at. Also i replace the dot with basil leaves in the letter "I" and put a bowl of noodles at the bottom left to make it look balance i guess.

The client is already happy with the WIP i showed to her which is this one. however I feel like there is something wrong with my logo. I'm not sure if it's the way how i positioned it or i should remove something.

honest criticisms are highly appreciated. Thank you!


cooperads's picture
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I know what you're trying to do with the doubled up i, but it just ends up looking like an l. Overall I like the shape of this. It concerns me a little that you have three elements in here, and the shading is odd. I think it would actually be stronger without the shaded effects, and certainly easier to use.

Shawali's picture
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I totally agree with Coop. The big i looks like an L and makes the whole thing hard to read.

I'm not a fan of those gradients.

And I also agree that there are too many symbols. I'd remove the bowl and sticks, and probably keep only the leaves or the roof. Preferably the leaves.

But I think this logo must be rethink from the beginning, with much more sketching involved this time.

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