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Logo Rebrand - Bondi Icebergs Australia (Hypothetical)

Brief from client 

(This is a hypothetical University Assessment)

Your challenge is to carry out a detailed review of Australian cultural institutions; conduct comprehensive research on one that you consider would benefit most from a complete rebrand and then construct a compelling argument in a visual and written proposal that you will then submit.

Your goal is to design the rebranded identity with formative sketches and final digitally rendered artwork to be included.


The re-brand for the Bondi Icebergs Club logo is a fresh, clean and proud emblem that encapsulates the essence of the brand. The mission of the club is “Through Swimming, bring people together and enrich our community” and the values are Excellence | Teamwork | Inclusivity | Tradition & Heritage.

My motivation to choose this design was purely due to the fact that it was outdated and didn’t reflect the country and climate of the location of the actual club. The refined design consists of keeping the stamp look of the original design, however, reducing the weight of the inner circle to match the weight of the outer circle lightens the logo up and brings the
framed design to the current era. The circles framing the design are to symbolize inclusivity and unity within the community. The map of Australia was used to reflect the country of the club, as there was no reference to Australia in the original version. I felt it vital that the brand recognizes the country as an important element in the design. Originally the sketch of the Australian map was not framing the typography, so once this was adjusted it sat neatly inside the map to reflect Australia being proud of this heritage club.
The Typography font aligns with the current marketing website font, called Monseratt, for Bondi Icebergs Club. It also ties back to the very first logo that was created in 1929. The font style was san serifs, so I felt necessary to keep this element in the design as this is a classic font that will not date.
The formatting of the type meant adjusting the size of each word to fit within the design. Adjusting the kerning so each word is aligned neatly within the map. This was important to factor in the design process to ensure legibility for multiple logo sizes. It was important to add hierarchy to the design so having BONDI and CLUB in capitals as these two words are important in their own right. Having the word CLUB sit slightly offshore ties back to the venue living on the edge of the ocean. Adapting the colour of the word ‘Icebergs’ to white and having this in lower case makes it stand out from the rest of the type. Using white colour for this word is a reflection of the words icebergs, winter, snow and cold.

In the alternative versions of what I've attached, I have used Pantone colour 3262 which was taken from the current marketing website. Similar to the typography it was an important element to keep in the design to ensure it aligned with the current branding. The colour reflects the aqua, turquoise water, swimming and icebergs.

Including enough negative space was important for clarity and a sense a breathe and fluidity in the design. Adding in the clubs established date was a new feature which I think was vital for the audience to know as this is an important community club that should be recognized for its history.

The overall re-brand of the Bondi Icebergs Club logo is a
sophisticated and light design that has multiple variations
to adapt to the various areas within the club. Through the
different elements of this re-brand, the brand's vision of
Excellence | Teamwork | Inclusivity | Tradition & Heritage
are staying true to the clubs desire.

With this re-brand, the Bondi Icebergs Club are now
able have a complete brand package that is reflective of
the current era and incorporate the important historical
elements that make this brand so spectacularly unique.


cooperads's picture
165 pencils

I totally don't see the shape of Australia in this. I find the inner shape totally distracting. I was trying to see how that shape translated into an iceberg. I didn't see that either. Without the shape/map, it is a very simple logo, but it doesn't blow my hair back.

Shawali's picture
1307 pencils

First of, pro tip: don't write a whole novel about your logo. If it works, it should be self explanatory ;) TL;DR

Now, I agree with Coop, that shape doesn't look like the Australia. I first thought it looked like a fish. But as Coop said, it really gets in the way of a good legibility.

Overall, I'm really not sold on this logo. It looks a bit too stale. Get some inspiration from great restaurant logos and spend a few hours sketching out ideas on paper.

Keep it up!

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