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Lounge 9st

Brief from client 

is a new establishment, without much reference
the goal is to provide the best customer service
The category is a space to meet with friends, intrepid and attractive, as if it were a bar, a pub or a lounge
the name is "Lounge 9st"

the style of the logo I sought was a vintage and rustic style
kind of minimalistic but elegant
Itirapina é o lugar onde será o bar


cooperads's picture
162 pencils

I am not certain about the diagonal lines in the background, I don't know that they add anything to these. Also watch your kerning, especially in Itirapina. I am not convinced that the font on Itirapina fits with the rest of the design, but that's just me.

JNF Design's picture
37 pencils

Not a fan of using three fonts here. Personally, the top font feels out of place.

The negative space of the background circle is not the same above and below "Lounge 9st"

Est. 2018 seems unusual to me since it is 2018.

Is it 9th street and therefore 9st? How is that pronounced? That just seems very odd to me. Maybe it is a language thing?

Shawali's picture
1292 pencils

This logo looks awfully generic, the kind of which you get for free in any vector library by typing "hipster bar logo"

You have 3 different fonts in there, which is at least 1 too many. Try to stick to 2 complimenting fonts and spend more time looking for real good ones, instead of these cheap and ubiquitous free types.

How are we supposed to read the brand name? What is that "st" after the 9? Does it mean "street"? It's unclear and doesn't help the legibility.

razerrath's picture
32 pencils

I agree with the other comments: To use three different fonts in just one logo does not work well. It makes the logo unnecessarily unsteady.

"Itirapina" is almost illegible.

Try another font for "EST. 2018" and "Itirapina".

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