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Magpie Photography

Brief from client 

This is a new start-up company with no pre-existing logo. The logo should suggest a magpie and be sophisticated.

I used a magpie feather, as this is a very iconic aspect of the bird while still keeping an air of subtlety. By nestling the name within the opening in the feather I contained the logo to be one entity.


cooperads's picture
151 pencils

I like the feather, the type not so much. The feather is so clean and that font is so "all over the place." Try a font that is simpler and more bold like the feather. Magpies have that awesome blue black thing going could try to incorporate that blue in there. As for Pictures that sparkle, I would simplify that as well and probably use it in all caps.

ErinsSonicYouth's picture
63 pencils

I just feel like the juxtaposition is a bit funky. These are three elements that seem forced together, rather than flowing nicely.

I agree with Cooperads, the Magpie Photography type isn't so sophisticated, to me it seems a bit contrived. Did you hand do that type, or is that a font?

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