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Maple Creative

Brief from client 

Personal designer logo

This is another version of the Maple Creative concept logo I've been working on. This one utilizes a title font for "Maple" that more closely fits the styling of the symbol. This version is also a two-color, but I also have a single color version that is added as a revision.

I used two colors to better show the symbol "writing" the word "creative". The title font is Poster Gothic ATF and the script font is called High Tide.


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The symbol matches the main type better, but I personnaly prefer the very first version with the custom type (without the symbol ;) )

As for the symbol itself, I'm not really a fan of how the lightening connects with the pen. I'm sure there's a better and simpler way to merge the two. Check out Joe White's logo. He is one of the best graphic designers out there and used to grace this very site with his beautifully crafted nuggets of awesome.

Version history

  • Version 1

    • I 100%
    • S 0%
    • T 100%
    • C 100%
  • Version 2

    • I 100%
    • S No votes yet.
    • T No votes yet.
    • C No votes yet.