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Mascot logo for a cell phone company

Brief from client 

Clients brief:

We are a cell phone service provider in the US and are looking for mascot designs. The website for the company is This mascot can be anything, such as animals, objects, even a robot. Some example includes Frog, Dog, Turtle, etc. The Value Proposition of the cell phone service that we provide includes the following -Reliable/Feel Safe -Trust Brand -Fast Speed/Wide coverage -Freedom of choice

Before I start talking about the design, This is my first mascot design (for a job), I made some designs to train when I was taking the courses but now let's just about this design, shall we?.

I chose this animal (buffalo) because I've heard that it represent trust, strength and energy, And the blue/yellow colours because blue represents trust, and it's commonly used for tech stuff and the yellow for energy.

I'm still new to Mascot designs, so I just want to know weather it's looking good and professional or not.

I didn't focus on the text, It is just to illustrate where the text can go, But as I understood from the client he only needs the mascot.

And BTW, the background is just for the presenting but when I'll give it to the client I'm for sure gonna remove it.

Thanks for the help...

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