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Medscribe logo

Brief from client 

Company is a virtual medical scribe service. Remote medical scribes complete the bulk of the provider's electronic health record documentation for each patient.

Really not much direction given. The only two things that need to be emphasized are speed and accuracy. The scribes will be referred to as e-scribes so I wanted that to be visible in the logo. That is why I used the colors in the way that I did. A convenient side effect of that was emphasis of the MD. I used the lines to convey speed and give the logo a little flair.


cooperads's picture
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I would suggest trying this with the points of the lines going to the right and not the left. The other thing I noticed, was the lines form and eye. Not sure that's what you want this to look like.

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I agree with cooperads. I see an eye, a tired eye? looks like bags under the eye? I would definitely like it better with the swoops going to the right. Of course doing so might make the top swoop end on the dot of the letter "i." That may be fun to play with. Perhaps the swoops could dither into halftone dots? Just an idea.

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