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Mens club in Odder Golf Course

Brief from client 

A new logo for the club


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This badge is unfortunately all kind of wrong. Here's a quick list:

- The symbol, well, it's not a symbol really. It's way too literal and illustrative and an obvious tracing of a photograph.

- Caps and warped arounds generally don't really work. Especially with terrible kerning and tracking.

- The grey subtext on the green gradient isn't easy too look at it, let alone read it.

- Globally, there's no really appealing idea here. It looks very plain. It's a golf thing, so you put the image of a golfer. You need to conceptualize this a bit more, keeping in mind that a logo should be eye catching and leave a lasting impression.

My advice would be to restart from scratch this time applying a proper creative process, starting with market research (know whatever there is to know about golf clubs and look for golf related logos).

Then get inspired on a websites like, and This should fuel your creativity.

Finally grab a pen and a whole lot of paper and sketch out ideas for hours, days even. This how you'll find cool ideas very organically, with a direct link from your brain to the tip of your pen. This something that a software won't let you do.

Keep it up!

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