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Michiana Beer Week

Brief from client 

A logo for a week long beer and specials fest including multiple breweries in Northern Indiana / Southern Michigan.

The color scheme and idea comes from the Indiana torch flag.


ErinsSonicYouth's picture
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Alright, I'm loving your color and font choices here. The blue is especially delicious and that yellow just pops in a really good way.

The cons. I think you can do so much better on this symbol.

The two men are obviously just a copy/paste of each other, and it gives a logo that should be especially lively, a stale feel.

It might be my eyes, but those lines on the stars look like they're different widths...and it doesn't look deliberate. Either make them all different and make it deliberate, or even that out.

Not sure if that is fire or foam on the beer tops. I think you can illustrate that better.

Overall, the symbol should have more stylistic cohesion. You have this stroke styling on the beer glasses, I'd like to see a similar style throughout.

Great start, keep it up and push this.

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The lines in the stars are my attempt on probably being a little too faithful to the state flag. I do struggle sometimes with accepting that it doesn't need to be exact and can put my own take on it.

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