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milliways logo

Brief from client 

milliways logo for a kitchen apron

an hypothetical logo for an hypothetical restaurant.
i'm a fan of douglas adams works and after some t-shirt with marvin's quotes i made this logo for my new kitchen apron
what do you think of it?


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For me, there's definitely a visual clash between the slick and straight symbol and the cursive, hand made looking font. This clash is all the prominent since you have used the same font for the subtext, which takes too much real estate.

I get to the Douglas Adams reference, but this symbol looks like it'd fit any company but not really a restaurant. Or if you want to explore the whole space theme, go all the way with a different font.

Speaking about fonts, with a subtext that long, you need to find a different yet complimenting one that matches the wordmark. Right now, it feels very redundant and complicates the whole thing. Remember that a subtext should not be an integral part of the logo.

Also, the answer is 42.

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