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Mortgage lender logo design

Brief from client 

The client wants a typography logo with something look like a home or a roof, and BTW It is a mortgage lender company.

I never worked with a similar project before so I need help.

A typography logo with a roof above it, I made the roof curved so it will make the company look more trustworthy as curves give that feel.
I used an orange and brown color scheme not just because the clients want it like this, but it also works well, but I want some help to make it better before I send it to him.

Maybe I should make the fonts and the lines thicker but this is still the first version (test) and I know that, but I want to see what things should I do else.


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I am not certain this conveys the gravitas of a mortgage company. The font isn't strong enough in my opinion. Overall the image is light and airy. When I am dealing with a mortgage company, I want a person who protects my interests. May I suggest searching mortgage company logos to get a feel for what other are doing?

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Thanks for your help.

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Agree with coop. I also don't care for the round roof idea...

You also designed a logo that can't be used on a business card or as an imprint on a keychain or pen. The logo has a nice look for a designer or decorator. It is a nice design...

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