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Mountain Ridge Coffee

Brief from client 

Was trying to create something simple and invokes the feeling of being in nature.


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For the basic iteration of the logo, I would remove the badge.

Globally this isn't looking too bad. The symbol is well crafter but it's a bit generic. I remember someone posted a logo for a outdoor clothes brand a few month back which had a similar logo. Basically, it could be used for any other outdoorsy/mountain related brand.

I'd work on making it more unique, try to find a shrewd idea (think "mountain/coffee")

I would rework the wordmark. The font is cool and fits with the outdoor theme, but the composition could be improved, especially regarding the info hierarchy. For the subtext, I would pick a different but complimenting font.

Good job overall, keep it up!

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The typography itself is good, but it is dwarfed by the badge. The symbol pops, but it's too generic in that it doesn't communicate what the product is - seems like the name of the company "Mountain Ridge Coffee" needs to be as prominent, if not more, than the symbol since the name tells you the product. Perhaps look at larger font size? Or reposition, or change font color as it somewhat blends with the color of the badge.

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I agree with comments above, just one thing to add:
in my opinion it's too sharpy and ridge -ish , not enough cofee-ish

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I like it. Just do text as a punch out. Navy ink on lt blue tee with the punched out text as tee color. Cost effective was to print this good logo.

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