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Music Studio Logo

Brief from client 

Logo creation for: 808 Music Studio

The definition of a 808 is:

“The 808 has taken on a significance in music beyond just its sound—lyrics of songs from genres spanning from pop to hip-hop to trap use the 808 as a figure for any pounding bass line in a hit song. As such, 808 has become slang for a “beat” or “track.” The phrase “heart beating like an 808” is especially common in pop songs.
Because of its prevalence in lyrics, people who aren’t musicians or producers may still understand the reference to the 808 as a drum sound. The term isn’t typically used outside of a musical context.”
808 music studio is a completely new music studio in the center of creative Amsterdam. At 808 music studio, we want to create a new, modern, and unique environment for the artist so they can fully focus on their work. We are one of the first music studios where you can book a session at the tip of your finger without having to wait for a response. Inside the studio you can find the most professional equipment, from an electric guitar to a top-notch recording mic, we all have it.

I have created the logo using the digits 808 to look like the designs that you see on stringed instruments like guitars. I have placed a music wave in the middle to represent the heart of the music studio where music beats like a heartbeat. Kindly tell me what you think!


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I get what you were going for but this symbol looks way too complicated to me.

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Thank you for the review and feedback. Kindly give me an idea as to what changes I can make to make this less complicated. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you

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