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My logo incorporating my initials.

Brief from client 

Nothing, it's my idea.

The basic concept is using initials J and S, with the middle being slashed by the top of J and being incorporated into the logo.

I'd be thankful for any critique as I think it's quite bland but others say it's "quite nice" - gf.

Thank you in advance.


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I can see how this could turn into a very nice and simple monogram.

But right now, it looks way too roughly done. The whole thing being totally off balance. There is no "system" in this logo that would make it look evenly proportionate and visually impactful.

If you keep working on it and dive deep into all these factors that make a great looking logo, you can definitely achieve something really cool.

Keep it up.

Version history

  • Version 1

    • I 100%
    • S 0%
    • T No votes yet.
    • C No votes yet.