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New Upcoming Game Logo

Brief from client 

Design a logo for a new upcoming game that is set in a medieval sort of background and it revolves around capturing monsters and battles between them. Asked for help in order to sort this one out.

We've made some personal iterations of it in the past, but this time we thought of getting someone along with us to help us. Would consider some feedback on the logo design.


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This is on a way different track than before, and I can tell you've been putting thought into it. I really commend you.

That being said, I'd love to see this version alongside a "flattened" version, (not flat as in boring, just flat as in solid colors like white and black) so you can be sure it can be used in all different kinds of media.

I think the typography needs some more fine tuning. The...i'll call it a shield for context purposes, around the typography is slightly overpowering it. the "S" is much too close to the top right object for example. There's also a couple kerning issues, most notably the spacing between the l, s, and e.

I think bringing that typography to the forefront will push this to a much cooler level.

The red center is just reminding me of Sauron and Barad-dûr. Maybe consider a different color, a bit less texture, etc.

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As far as video games logos are concerned, this definitely goes in the right direction, albeit a bit complicated with all these pointy ends.

But may beef is that the word mark seems very contrived in this big frame as well as out of scale with it. When you look at the logo from the front page, it's barely legible.

But globally, this looks good so far, the design of the frame itself is impressive!

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I like this alot better, The red background is making the font come out bad. Either change that or the font color. The frame around it looks really cool!

Keep it up.

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