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Nikki Jaye Makeup Logo

Brief from client 

Create a simplistic logo for a friends makeup business. Business is going to be called Nikki Jaye Makeup.

Friend/client sent me some ideas so was playing off them. Also, my first time working in Illustrator so be gentle ;) Thanks!


cooperads's picture
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I actually like this. I think it is clean and sophisticated. The double squares remind me of a palette of makeup. My only comment would be to work on the spacing between the letters...the two Ks seem closer together in relation to the i's; same with the MA of makeup.

I would also look at either adding a dot to the j or playing with a few other scripts. You could read this as MY or NY.

fredrg's picture
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I agree, a simple dot will keep it from reading 'ny'.

Shawali's picture
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I'm usually not a big fan of initials in the symbol but in this case, it'w working particularly well.

I agree with Coop, this looks very classy and sophisticated. In that regard, the font may be a bit under par, but it's nothing terrible either.

Good work!

dannix7x's picture

Thanks, everyone! I didn't even think of a dot for the j.

I will work on the spacing, I completely see it now too!

Thanks again :)

Spongecake's picture

Sorry for being late to the party! First off, Baja Bae was the first thing I thought of when I saw this logo. I don't think you stole the diamond shapes because to me, putting letters in a shape is a pretty common idea. However, it is worth noting that, because both these brands are going to be coexisting in the beauty industry, there is a chance for people to mistake the logo for another brand.
Also, is your client a make up artist or is this logo going to be used for a make up line?

Spongecake's picture

This is the brand I was talking about.

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