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Nurse Hero

Brief from client 

Create a logo for the nurse hero award. This will be printed on a framed certificate award, given to nurses who have shown dedication and outstanding work in the field. This will also be used on landing pages and an email campaign.

I tried to do a spin on the superman logo with a stethescope instead of the traditional "S". Is this working? I am also working on an identity to go with this that is cartoony, bright and fun. Thanks


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Here is an alternate version with a cross instead of the stethoscope. I wasn't sure if people would get the stethoscope.

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Here is a new and improved version. Won't be touching this anymore until Monday. Any thoughts on it are greatly appreciated

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No thoughts on my logo? Surely the stethescope could be bolder and better designed, no?

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First of, it's too small. Hard the see all the details.

Second, get rid of the reflection effects and gradients.

The word mark characters are way to cramped. Give them some wiggle room.

I like the superman thing. It works better with the cross I think.

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I toned down the gradient a bit and pitched it. They loved it, especially how all the gradients and effects make it pop! I would normally agree that a more flat design would work better for a logo, but since this will be living mostly on web, I think the effects work

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