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Online Store that sells dirtbike parts

Brief from client 

Logo for an online store that sells used dirtbike parts


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Mmh. I'm not sure this is working.

First off, the tire track texture is the background gets in the way of a good legibility. And it's not clear straight away that it actually is. I think you can get rid of it all together.

Now the wheel substituting fort the O is a bit too on the nose. I'm pretty sure that it's been done several times already for ay bike related business out there. Moreover, it looks more like a bicycle wheel than a dirt bike.

Regarding the font, it could be appropriate in a left field kind of way but otherwise it doesn't really match the look & feel one would expect from a dirt bike online store.

I think you should restart this logo from scratch this logo but this time with a minimal creative process which should help you creating a better logo.

1- Research: know everything there is to know about to know about the business at hand. Look at the competition, what does their identity look like. What are the trends now? What were they before? Also, know your client. If you can ask them some question about their business, how they perceive their brand and how they want it to be perceived. Remember: you're creating more than just a logo, you creating a whole visual style to match a brand. Here's a list of questions to ask your client:

2- Inspiration. Easy enough. Simply peruse sites like, follow designers and inspiration Instagram account... Immerse yourself in great visual branding experiences and logos. This should get the creative juice flowing.

3- Lastly, turn off the computer, grab a piece of paper and a pen and sketch for hours on end. Days, even. With everything you've learned and ingested so far, you'll develop ideas at the tip of your pen with direct link to your brain. This is how cool ideas organically take shapes. A back and forth between the mind and the paper. Once you have developed a potent idea, and only then, can you consider moving on to the computer. But remember one thing: do not let the computer and all its limitations dictate what you can do. Make it work FOR you, not the other way around.

Hope that helps.

Keep it up.

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Thank you for the comments
I did search for dirt bike store logos and I did not see any that have a wheel as an “O”
It seems basic but I didn’t not find any.
I did not want it to look too complicated of a design of a wheel, we just kept it as the basic lines of the shape. The track is there to give the customer a hint that it’s a track that you’d see of a dirt bike in the trails, it’s definitely not a bicycle track.

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