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Ouroboros personal logo

Brief from client 

Hi all.
...this is for my bussines card...what do you think?

The Ouroboros is a symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail that represents the perpetual cycle of destruction and creation.


phino's picture
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i like the idea of the usage of ouroboros and the pencil to depict the destruction and creation symbol. i'm not sure about the type or colors, but the idea/concept of it is not bad in my opinion. i've seen some logos using Ouroboros (i'll try and pull some up for you) but is that tail suppose to depict a pencil? if so, i still like the idea of it

Ouroboros's picture
1 pencil

yes, it's a pencil.sorry, i just forgot to put it in the description.

2423media's picture
163 pencils

I get the idea, but something about this seems almost too basic. Maybe it's the serpent head.

Ouroboros's picture
1 pencil

thanks, mmmm maybe i could do something about the head...

natman462's picture
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I agree, the graphic mark could be a bit more inviting or unique. Right now it is very plain and not memorable enough to be successful. Sketch up some other ideas for the logo itself that would draw the audience into wanting to know more about your business.

luenib's picture
114 pencils

I'n not crazy about the symbol itself but I like the way you implement it, very simple and clean.

The font matches perfectly with the symbol. Change the tagline to all lowercase to accentuate the contrast with the all caps wordmark.

Pencils are traditionally orange, and the complementary color of orange is blue. So I don't' have any objections there.

I don't see the eraser in that pencil, the complement of the graphite that completes the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Also, the size of the symbol overwhelms the text. Keep some good proportion there and you'll end up with a very nice logo.

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