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Outdoor Empire logo

Brief from client 


Outdoor themed, must include brand color #87aa93. Should have icon on left and text on right. Design should involve parts related to website name.


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I am not a fan of these fonts together, nor am I a fan of the black with grey. Given the definite color of your symbol, I think grey alone would work (better than 100% black- it's too stark.)
Your symbol isn't bad, but it's a bit bland. There is something off on the bottom of your far left tree. Maybe if it filled up a bit more of the shape (taller trees, bigger tent, etc). The shape of the tent is a little odd too, it has a roof! Most camping tents do not have this shape. Maybe spend more time looking at trees and tents to come up with something less bland.
**I am hoping you change those fonts, but pay attention to spacing and kerning (Empire is not centered with the two lines on either side)

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I must say I made it quite a bit of time ago and it was relatively quick gig for me so I just produced number of different designs, this being one of them and client liked it and accepted it right away.

Now they want me to redesign it and I can dedicate more time on it.

Using one font is definitely good idea that I was actually thinking about first time too. Will fix the left tree error, careless mistake by me.

About tent, it was actually intentional. Since website has "Empire" in it, I thought this kind of tent is more related to concept of being "empire".

Will get to work now that I can put more time into this.

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Can you remove the link please? Because of daily spammy posts, we prefer to not have links leading to external commercial sites. Thanks!

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I do not think I hyperlinked that URL with link. Is there a way to paste URL without link so people would still be able to check out logo on live site?

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Don't post any links. If we want to go look it up, we already know we can. :)

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You can always post a screenshot on the website in the comment section. But what matters here is the logo itself.

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