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Performance Prints

Brief from client 

Performance prints aims to celebrate sporting success of competitors by creating unique personalised prints.

Any feedback appreciated. Design flow to follow.


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These were my initial ideas, with the top one (in my opinion) being the strongest.

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Further exploring of that direction has taking me to number 10, the version I have uploaded.

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If anyone has ideas on good font parings with the font 'Quantify' I am open to suggestions. As the current paring I believe could be stronger.

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Out of all the idea you made directly on the computer, you picked the best one. I like idea 6, with that negative space.

But you are far from being done yet. The composition needs more work, this logo is very left heavy. Revise the general balance.

I'm not a fan of the main font, needlessly complicated. Keep things simple.

keep it up!

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