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Personal Brand Logo

Brief from client 

This is for my personal brand. Feeling pretty stuck on ideas, this is the best I have come up with so far. All feedback appreciated, or any completely new ideas welcome too!

This is to accompany my website. It includes a blog detailing competitions and training camps that I attend. It also offers a coaching service, the logo will footer all email correspondence and header invoices etc.


JNF Design's picture
37 pencils

The slash through doesn't make much sense to me. If it is sailing you are going for, doesn't the L look like a mast and boom? What if you added a sail to it? Just an idea for a direction you might be able to explore. Good luck!

Carlo_5's picture
12 pencils

Can you change the slash as a break for the L and have the wave be white space inside the S? Try at least?

Agreed slash is off place and confusing

cooperads's picture
165 pencils

I think this is a good start, but I agree with some of the comments. Be careful on the curves of the wave, they need to be refined.

Shawali's picture
1304 pencils

I don't see any strong idea in there. Try to stay away from playing with the initials, that's what everybody does.

lewis_smith98's picture
1 pencil

I completely agree, i'm just soo stuck!! Any ideas you think could work?

ErinsSonicYouth's picture
80 pencils

Your wave into the "S" idea could work, if you execute it correctly and as innovative as you can. Right now, it looks sloppy, and needs to be cleaned up.

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