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Personal Logo

Brief from client 

#E8FF00 is the hex code for the color that I have decided to brand as my color.

I wanted to incorporate my color's hex code as something a potential employer would wonder about. The logo in the back is my original logo.


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I like the color and the concept you're putting forward, but right now it's all confusing. What is your logo and why this hex code. Your client will feel that this brand is not for him because he doesn't understand it. It's ok to make client guess, but he should get the idea at the end to generate a pleasurable feeling. Leaving him confused is counter productive.

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My logo is the D split into two by a J making my initials which are D.J.D. and I picked that hex code because that is the color I am branding myself with. For example I am wearing a tie in this color as we speak. That color has been a color I have come back to since I was in high school and I think it represents me as a person. It is loud, bold, and possibly not for everyone. I don't know if that helps explain some of the confusion.

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