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Generation 95 graphic design is my business name chose the name because i believe that every one who was born in my generation 1995 came out to be successful people in life.


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Any help ti improve the logo would be appreciated

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Well that's not new- every generation thinks that about their generation! lol But as for your logo, it's not quite successful yet. The G gets lost (without knowing the name it would not be recognizable at all). It reads 95 Graphic Design. The G is being forced in there. Try to find a more natural way to show it, without forcing it, and this would improve. Try more sketching....way more sketching...then sketch some more. This looks a bit like it was completed in maybe 5 minutes, and directly on the computer.

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Thanks Very Much For Your Honest Comment I'll Try My best To Improve :)

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i would go back to sketch, make me think of studio 54 ( not the typo but composition)

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