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Personal Logo

Brief from client 

Art deco style logo

This is an updated logo for my personal use. Art deco style logo for my website and business cards


Shawali's picture
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I'm just wondering why the bar of the T couldn't match the curve of the circle, just like the leg of the M does.

To be honest I'm not really feeling this logo. When it comes to a designer's logo, I always advise going for a kind of simple graphic signature, such as a monogram or a well-crafted wordmark. The ubiquitous symbol + wordmark is too corporaty for a one man operation, at least to me.

Carlo_5's picture
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I would try what Shawali has suggested and pull the T down to the bottom of the circle and open it up like the M.

It's possible that may give you enough differentiation. You'd have to try.

Boghir's picture
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This logo reminds me of a different logo but I cannot recall it at this point :(

cooperads's picture
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It is reminding you of the MG logo would be my guess.

Boghir's picture
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Yea that's it! thanks. But that is not really a good thing tho..

8mthomas8's picture

Well back to the drawing board thanks for the input.

MB Design's picture
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Back to the drawing board, but don't forget the work you have already done. The angular, fluid combination has a unique feeling and can set your mark apart. Good luck with your next iteration!

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