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Brief from client 

I created this logo in 2015 to be included with my portfolio. My field of study was industrial design, more specifically, product design. This logo never sat well with me and I didn't feel I needed a logo at the time but it was required. I would like to explore that idea again.

Looking back at this after so much time has passed, I know I can do better but I thought I'd upload for critique for improvements before I decide to completely re-design. I know what I see wrong with it, but I would like to hear unbiased opinions from professionals. Thank you for looking.


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You are right to have some doubts about this logo. Without being terrible, it's very underwhelming and plain, although I like what you did with the J.

That being said, removing the word "design" would enhance by at least 50%. Than you'd have yourself a simple, not super memorable, graphic signature, rather than a full on logo.

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