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Personal Portfolio Logo

Brief from client 

Just a logo for myself with the letters S, K and symbolism of an hourglass
representing time/efficiency and a butterfly representing elegance/beauty

Hi, I was working on a logo for my personal portfolio and I was wondering are there any improvements which could be made?

Initially it was meant to resemble an hourglass with an "S" curve in the middle but it ended up looking more like a butterfly due to the negative space but that still kind of looks interesting.

The symbol is definitely not very legible but if you look closely you may see the S at the center and the right side of the symbol forming a K.

The font is a slightly modified version of a serif called Nocturne Serif.

I would appreciate any feedback ty


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I like the symbol, looks celtic. However the meaning is somewhat confusing especially with the Japanese sounding name. Still it works. I like the typeface, but you need to kern it better. I Y and M touching gives me an uncomfortable feeling.

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Thank you I see now that the spacing between letters is a bit off I'll work on that.

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