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Play Press

Brief from client 

Logo for an animation company

Hey there, I am trying to create a logo for an animation company, needs to be playful, vibrant and a little corporate. What do you think? I think this is like the 100th revision or something...


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Here are the previous options, but I thought that number 3 stood out the best. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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So I'm going to divide my opinion up into different points.

1) Symbol - Yes, it looks like a play button, but it's not a unique use of the concept. It could literally be clip art from how common and basic it looks. The quality of the uploaded image is also very compressed and further compounds the idea that this logo is rushed.

2) Colors - Pink and light blue are baby colors (even if this blue is mixed with a bit of yellow, but it's hard to tell because of the quality). There's nothing "vibrant" about the color choice here. Pastel colors purposely mute the meanings behind colors, it "dulls" their visual impact. Pink, whether its used as a pastel or not, tends to symbolize femininity. It would need to be a much hotter shade of pink to fit your goal of being vibrant. Blue is a calming color and can certainly be a great color for a corporate logo, but not as a light pastel blue. However, I do think that the added yellow to the blue sorta helps move it away from something like a "sky blue", but that also confuses it's meaning more.

3) Typography - Both your fonts are rounded (although its hard to tell with the compressed image) and that fits the rounded button, but again they just tend to symbolize immaturity. This logo could be the beginnings for an animation company who specializes in children's entertainment, but I didn't see that in your brief and have to assume that is not the company's platform. A rounded font can be playful if that's what you're going for, but it has to be done carefully and right now the colors and symbol just makes it look like it's for kids.

4) Name/Title - I don't see why "Press Play" is reversed to say "Play Press". It doesn't really make sense to me. You can certainly take a well known phrase and do something clever that resonates with your audience, but that's not what's happening here.

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