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ports 'n porters

Brief from client 

hello everyone

I'm working on an environmental non-profit project which aims to reduce carbon emission resulted from parcel delivery by air cargo. my idea is to build a mobile app to put travelers going to a given destination in contact with people sending parcels in the same direction. will be mainly a long distance delivery service.

I don't have money to hire a graphic designer in this stage, so I'm working on designing the brand myself.

please help me with any useful feedback. thank you


vk-des's picture

Although I like the 'n mark it might run into versatility issues because it wouldn't make sense to let the symbol stand on its own. If anything it would be wise to work with a 'pp' mark.

The kerning and leading here is super tight which will work at large sizes from a close perspective. However when the size is reduced or if seen at a distance the letters blend into each other, and it becomes harder to read at a glance.

Red and black are classic and some may argue overused but that's because it generally works. Try using a 90%–95% black instead of a key black.

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