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Preliminary Logo Concept for Photographer

Brief from client 

Nature photographer specializing in birds

Bird made from photographer's initials


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Looking at this as a small graphic signature rather than a full fledged logo, I think it works pretty well. It's simple and clever, albeit not really groundbreaking. I can sse it looking very nice in the corner of a photograph.

I can see the L and D and I'm not sure if the back of the bird is supposed to be a J. But that doesn't really matters. This is supposed to leave an impression rather be informative. And you certainly don't need to have any heavy handed reference to a camera.

I think that it would look more organic if it was hand made.

Good job.

cruzinstephie's picture

Thanks for the feedback. The first letter is an S. This is a first draft without any text next to it. I just really wanted to see what others reactions were. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

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