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Prestige IT

Brief from client 


So this is definitely a work in progress. First draft here.

So the company is Prestige IT. My client wants to communicate that they do computers, phones, and networking.

I definitely did not want to use literal symbols for those, as technology becomes outdated quickly. and I also needed to work in "Prestige".

So, my concept is a technology based shield, for defense, solidarity, and of course the actual definition of prestige.

So, give me all of your thoughts.


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So, right off the bat, youve got some alignment issue going on where the shield changes colors on the top half. Looks like it got shifted over just a tiny bit. Also, theres some hairline that goes across the left side top in the middle tone blue? Maybe some kind of pathfinder issue?

As far as the actual design goes, I feel like the font choice doesn't quite work well. I think its due to the roundness of the characters. I preferred the old font choices over this one. As far as the shield goes, its losing its shield feeling. Maybe because the top isn't arc'd down? it looks more like just a shape now than a shield. When it comes to the actual idea though, i really like it. The technology feel comes through with the circuitry, i just feel like the layout of the elements needs to be re thought.

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I can see the little issues mentioned above. I also preferred your previous font choice over this one. (maybe it's that giant rounded G that throws me?)

I think your light blue circuit lines come just a little to close to the center lines- makes a tension point. Maybe give it a bit more breathing room.

I kind of like the new shape- not sure if intended, but I kind of get a feeling of a safe that you can see into. Which is appropriate for the business. But I agree it lost the "shield" feel it had before.

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