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Quality Time

Brief from client 

This is for a college mentorship program where students are matched with young kids.

My second iteration of this logo. I went back to the drawing board and came up with this concept to communicate solid foundations while still incorporating the time element.


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The colors are the colors of the school.

Shawali's picture
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I think the logo would look better and a white background ;)

Carlo_5's picture
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Is this a school in London by Big Ben?

Otherwise I don't know if a big clock is the best way to enhance the word "time"
it's a bit obvious.

Yes, agreed- the total orange is a bit harsh on the eyes.

cooperads's picture
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I do like this one more than the first version. Not in love with the type. It feels to old school to be dealing with youth. The orange is a non-starter. A suggestion, go to the school where you are going to implement this logo and take a look at their clock tower (if they have one) or find one close to you. Might work better than this.

ErinsSonicYouth's picture
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I really don't like this logo. My entire gut had a negative reaction to it.

For starters: That symbol. At the risk of sounding harsh, it looks like clip art of big ben, if big ben was a 3D shape you found in children's math books. The lines you used on the clock hands were obviously created by Illustrator's stroke presets, and it doesn't go with the bold strokes of the rest of the logo.

The font doesn't do much for me, the kerning is killing me, and it looks like it was just placed alongside the symbol.

The tagline? If there isn't already a tagline to this logo, don't put preset wording there, it just seems odd.

The colors are a bit muddy, and its toeing the line of clashing when the orange is so overwhelming.

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For a script style font, you need to connect the ligatures, or do not connect any- all or nothing, it makes the kerning look terrible when some letters connect and some do not.
I see others have commented on the symbol and colors and I agree with them- what I wonder is why there is no "kid element" in this design? I believe it should appeal to both the mentors and the kids that will be mentored. That doesn't mean it has to be full blown cartoony or anything- but a subtle appeal to the kids would be appropriate.

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