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Reel Keepers 1

Brief from client 

None supplied. Got a phone call from the client. The company does video production, video editing, motion graphics, post production audio, accounting, bookkeeping and tax returns.
They said they specialize in "keeping--whether it's bookkeeping, documentaries or shot logs."

Since the business doesn't have a main product. I decided to categorize the business down to 2 categories. Filmmaking and Bookkeeping.

I did a bit of customizing of the fonts to keep it super clean and neutral--nothing fancy, but clean and easy to read.

First version icon/logo (here) is a literal pass at "film reel" + "paper work"


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Forgot to add: Critiques, observations, constructive criticisms are welcomed (as always)!
Thank you!

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Hi! Long time no see ;)

Not a fan of that symbol, it's a bit too literal. Also, at very small size, not sure of it would come out great because of the "paper work" part.

The font is a bit too blocky for my test and the characters could use some wiggle room.

More globally, why amidst all the thing that company does, you picked bookkeeping and not motion design or post production audio? (Also, what's up with "tax return"?? ;) )

With that name and that type of business, you have all the ingredient to make a really cool, memorable and fun logos. This version is a bit stale.

Keep it up!

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