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Regalia Glassware 2

Brief from client 

We are developing a glassware brand and could use your help with picking out a logo!

I want to portray an almost minimalistic ethos with the company that is very clean and "simple", in a good way!

I parted way with the crown here...what do you think!?


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The previous idea, lifted the glassware to a better level. This is -in my belief- too plain. (Of course, I was somewhat bought into the Royal idea, so hard to fall down from the elevated 'balcony' where you first invited me.)

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I like the clean look for the brand. That's what you want, clean glasses. The RG isn't quite centred though.

As I said in another logo, the est 2020 is not a good way to sell your business - give it 20 years then add that back in ;)

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