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Resources to Remember

Brief from client 

This represents a networking group of professionals in all sorts of fields related to home buying. The website/materials are geared towards the loved ones of aging parents who may be moving out of life-long homes and of need of different types of assistance.

This logo represents a networking group of professionals in all different areas like elder law, financing, hospice care, rehab, nursing care, etc. related to services that families of aging folks might need. This is gear toward an older audience.


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You have something really nice with the finger/string idea. Get rid of the circle around the word, so it doesn't compete for attention away from the cool symbol.
The type needs work tho. I would align the words "Resources to" above "Remember" but change the font for "Remember" to be the same as "Resources to" only using a thicker weight. It looks a little odd shifted to the left as you have it. And I wouldn't use an italic version either.
This will make everything look much cleaner.
Good start and good idea =)

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Joy nails it.
Good symbol concept - but is that hand cursor a current one, or outdated? Mine has a little Mickey Mouse glove on ;)

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