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Room Design logo

Brief from client 

Hello, I'm a student media from the Netherlands. I would like to have feedback on my personal logo.
Core values: creative, accurate, reliable, happy
Archetype: Jester


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I'll assume that you're unaware of, simply selected a common font for your logo, and accidentally recreated something by coincidence. Were this a commercial project and not educational, this would get you in an awful lot of trouble. Better research next time would be helpful

Ignoring that for the purpose of critique, it's a simple style, friendly and inviting, kind of a classic feel.

However, using a complex graphic as a fill for the circle can lead to problems, as it does with yours. There isn't enough contrast between the lighter green colors and the "R". If the letter were filled with a solid color that contrasts the greens better, it would be much easier on the eye.

Good work despite all that.

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