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S7 Digital - Finnancial Solutions

Brief from client 

The client is a Finnancial Entity, pretty much a bank.

They want a cool logo, modern and unique. The red color is a must.

Some fixes:

- Added S7 to the name.
- Sightly color change.


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Ok, it makes more sense now. But it's not finished yet.

The symbol itself is really good, that very subtle gradient is working great (make sure to have one version sans gradient) I'm not really feeling that little circle at the bottom right though. I don't think it serves any valid purpose and will disappear at a small size. I would remove it altogether for the sake of simplicity.

Now, the wordmark. The title of your post is "S7 Digital", in two words. The logo reads "S7digital" in one word. It may seem like a detail but in terms of branding, it's quite important as it will determine how people will perceive the brand. I would have the brand name in 2 words, so you'll have more flexibility depending on the context the logo will be used in.

You got also to take into consideration the hierarchy of information. What's the most important part? Obviously, "S7" is what makes the brand unique. Any other business could use the word "digital" in their logo. Hence my comment in version 1. I would make "S7" more prominent than "digital", which you already started to do with that italic

Lastly, I prefer the wordmark in dark grey rather than full on black. It worked quite well with that cool gradient in the symbol.

It's not quite there yet, but your logo has a lot of potential. Keep something in mind: the logo just by itself doesn't really mean much. It's the way it will be used and the branding guidelines that you will decide on that will make the whole brand shine.

Keep it up!

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Thank you Shawali I got it, I uploaded a new version.

Your considerations are always very useful, I truly appreciate them.

PS: Do you have "buymeabeer" I would like to buy you some beer.

Version history

  • Version 1

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    • S 100%
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  • Version 2

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    • S 100%
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  • Version 3

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