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Sambrotta and Partner

Brief from client 

They needed a simple, elegant and high symbol. They wanted to express professionalism and reliability.

We create a logo starting from the "&" in the naming. S P (the two initial letter of Sambrotta and Partner) could be merged to create a new symbol that is the perfect mirror of "&".
This symbol contains "S&P" in just one image.


InvasioneCreativa's picture

Here a simple demonstration

VectsyLLC's picture

The curves on the P part seem wonky to me. It may be due to jpeg compression, but the flow appears uneven. i.e. The furthest right part of the symbol (round part of the P). It almost appears like the curve straightens out a bit. I also feel like the swoosh at the bottom of the P may not be needed and would also make the letter P stand out more.

I'm not a logo designer, but I like to look at logo concepts. Overall the concept is pretty cool.

Version history

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