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Septime Records

Brief from client 

New, re-designed Septime Records logo.


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Simple, clean, to the point.

One thing I might try is either making the inner white circles larger, or eliminate them completely. I may opt for the former, since they help reinforce the image of a record. Generally, I encourage removing as many small parts as possible.

I would also explore other fonts. A circular design doesn't seem to go well with a condensed, short font for me.

Nice job.

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I already think a bit to the contrary, I think the central white circles essential to identify the "S" in the center of the discs, I really liked the symbol.
- I believe that if you work a third option with the symbol above the typography will accentuate better the brand as a whole.
- Changing the typography, would only change the main "SEPTIME" to something that would make more harmony with the central "S" of the symbol, and would remain with the same typography in "RECORDS".
Thanks, good work!
Já penso um pouco ao contrário, acho os círculos brancos centrais essencial para identificarmos o "S" no centro dos discos, gostei muito do simbolo.
- Acredito que se você trabalhar uma terceira opção com o simbolo acima da tipografia irá se acentuar melhor a marca como um todo.
- Alterar a tipografia, alteraria apenas a principal "SEPTIME" para algo que fizesse mais harmonia com o "S" central do simbolo, e permaneceria com a mesma tipografia em "RECORDS".
Obrigado, bom trabalho!

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