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Smirk Industries - Circa 2010

Brief from client 

Incorporate abstract face into logo for Smirk Industries a T-Shirt company.
Based on Graphic Tees and Skater type clothing.

It was hand sketched then traced in illustrator w/ pen tool. Not a fan of the font at all

Wow, this is a super old logo I did. New here and have given my best critical design analysis. Some may feel it's harsh, but you can't be sweet in this game or you get nowhere. Honesty is the best policy.

If you do a presentation and lose the account for your company won't you want to know why your design failed?

And not have someone sugar coat it? Which in the real world they will not.

Any way, the company like 10,000 other guys' ideas to get rich off selling "their" unique tees never even started. I got paid though.

So have at it.


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I really like this. In the thumbnail version I saw two people dancing, then I saw the name and realized it was a face. In many ways it has a strong Asian feel to it, perhaps that was what they rejected. You are right, the font is meh. I would be interested in seeing what branding they did choose.

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Hi - thanks for the feedback. Yeah I dug this on up off an old flash drive. Totally has an Asian feel I agree. The logo was actually not rejected. The guy loved it but never could get his business off the ground.

Actually there’s a lesson there to all freelancers make sure final payment is delivered at time of logo delivery if it is not an established business.

Font sucks - I don’t remember why it was selected.
It would be fun to try and rework it years later if I can find the AI 7 file!

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