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Spinal Health Centre

Brief from client 

I am looking for a bespoke personal brand. I am a British chiropractor practising in Dubai and helping patients at my clinic, Spinal Health Centre overcome:
back, neck and joint pain,
spinal disc conditions
chronic degenerative arthritis and it's associated postural problems

Treatment of these above conditions is 100% natural, using traditional gentle methods and modern technology.

We remove pain joint pain and educate on long term health by optomising both BRAIN and SPINAL function.

The brand needs to be classy, with a high-end feel. I want the spinal health centre and myself to be recognised as the Middle East's number 1 authority and leader in spinal health and pain management conditions.
Therefore the logo portray a modern, professional and TRUST WORTHY organisation, but I want to avoid a cold, "faceless", "corporate" look.

Target Audience 45-60 male, business owners and C-suite executives

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I see two problems right off the bat.

1- I first read Pinal

2- There are two symbols which is 1 too many.

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